BATSAN 2.0 - 1lt

The product has passed virucidal tests •UNI EN 14476 •UNI EN 1276 •UNI EN 13697

BATSAN 2.0 - 1lt

BATSAN 2.0 1lt decontaminant for all environments through atmospheric use and contact

The product has passed strict international virucidal activity and bactericidal tests •UNI EN 1276 •UNI EN 13697 •UNI EN 14476 conducted at external independent ISO 17025:2005-accredited laboratories.

BATSAN 2.0 ensures a purifying action on all surfaces contaminated with biofilm, biological and organic material and other lipid contaminations. The product does not require rinsing and can be used after cleaning surfaces with other detergents; it does not corrode or stain and does not leave residues in pipes. 

Field of application
BATSAN 2.0 can be used to purify work places in environments that require high hygiene levels: public transport and ambulances, build- ings, offices, businesses, warehouses, workshops, residential buildings, gyms, ambulances and public areas (hospitals, cafés, fast food restaurants, public transportation, etc...) and where the use of alcohol or chlorine-based products is not recommended, and however in places where rinsing is not required. 

Particularly suited for the decontamination of surfaces in contact with food 
• The usual concentrations are safe for indirect contact with food 
• It is in the “French positive list”
• NO MRL (Maximum Residue Limit)

• The product does not require rinsing, it does not leave residues and dries without streaking. 
• It does not clog the dispensing nozzles of electric or pneumatic machines. 
• It does not contain phenols, aldehydes, halogens and organo-metallic active ingredients. 
• It is not corrosive on the surfaces it comes into contact with and its use is recommended in the automotive and HO.RE.CA. sectors with manual or electric spraying misting systems or atomisers, including electrostatic. 
• It can be used after the surfaces have been cleaned with other detergents. 
• Because of its rapid effectiveness, it can be used to purify the operator before entering a contaminated place or as a final purification at the end of a cleaning cycle. 
• It is very effective in eliminating biological substances and biofilms and as an additive in the liquid normally used in floor cleaning 
• Pleasantly scented.
• It is compatible with other detergents.

Instructions for use and diluition
Prepare the diluted solution with cold water. 
Dilution up to 1:10 to decontaminate operators through atomisation in areas where the presence of infected people has been ascertained. 
Dilution up to 1:20 in healthcare and non-healthcare facilities for a high level of purification or for the preventive treatment of very contaminated surfaces, through spraying. 
Dilution up to 1:30 in healthcare and non-healthcare facilities to maintain the hygiene conditions or for not exceedingly contaminated surfaces, through spraying. 
Dilution up to 1:50 suitable as a liquid floor additive in industrial and public facilities. 
Dilution up to 1:100 to maintain hygiene conditions through mechanical action for not exceedingly contaminated surfaces, through spraying. 
BATSAN 2.0 does not lose its efficacy and maintains stability for 2 years, stored at room temperature in a dry place and away from direct sunlight. 

Action ingredient: high efficacy and braod spectrum amine
The active biocidal ingredient in BATSAN 2.0 has passed strict international UNI EN 14476 tests on virucidal activity conducted at external independent ISO 17025:2005-accredited laboratories.

Covid19 Emergency How to clean up and sanitize working environments and car surfaces with BATSAN 2.0
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