A dry, synthetic based multi-use lubricant. A professional bike wash and care product.


5FIVE was created on the race track, just like all the new “Bikeline” products, and the Race experience has produced solutions for bike lovers with “superior taste”.

5FIVE is a genuine leap into the future in terms of quality, something very easy to prove: just use it once! It is a dry, synthetic based multi-use lubricant that carries out 5 specific functions and has been created to offer the highest “performances” in the motorbike setting.

This new and incredible product is totally revolutionary as it performs seemingly contradictory functions.

But this is exactly where the greatest new feature  and all the best MA-FRA technology lies.



5FIVE, basically, Reactivates – Protects – Cleans and De-greases – Unblocks – Lubricates.

As 5FIVE de-greases and cleans the treated surfaces, it also creates an imperceptible protective film that lubricates all parts subjected to friction.

Two apparently contraditory actions that work in perfect harmony.



Waterproofing, deoxidising and antistatic, it is recommended for preserving and restoring electrical systems to correct working order.

  It does not generate thickness, eliminates the annoying squeaks that sometimes inflict parts subjected to friction and is perfect for use on accelerator cables and on all the bike springs.

5FIVE not only melts away all types of grease and tar and lubricates, it also acts to instantly form an impermeable barrier against water and all types of external agents, corrosive and other.

This revolutionary colourless product does not stain or leave halos and respects all plastic and/or varnished parts.

5FIVE is sold in a 250ml spray format.


A professional products for bike wash by Mafra: international supplier for bike cleaners.

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