The beauty treatment of all the bike parts in plastic and more. A professional bike wash and care product.


All of the MA-FRA technology and experience at the BIKE’s service.

By creating BIKELUX, we have basically devised an absolutely innovative product for the beauty treatment of all the bike parts in plastic and more.



The completely synthetic BIKELUX formula ensures a strong anti-static effect.

Even over considerable time, dirt continues to be “repelled” and the clean effect continues.

Both plastic and metal parts benefit from the BIKELUX protection, shine and pleasant perfume.

BIKELUX is self-drying and restores parts visibly marred by time like new and all, of course, without oiliness.

BIKELUX has an excellent reviving and covering power and grants the bike a marvellous “new effect”.

BIKELUX, also, guarantees an effective and lasting ANTI-UVA filter on all parts, particularly useful in the summer months when the bike is exposed to the rays of the sun for extended periods.

BIKELUX is sold in a 250ml format.


A professional products for bike wash by Mafra: international supplier for bike cleaners.

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