A professional lubricant for bike chain, created with Grand Prix, Superbike World Championship, Endure, Cross and Motard teams. A professional bike wash and care product.


A technological radar able to thoroughly pick up on the problems that drivers and technicians face and consistently provide the best solutions.

This is what MA-FRA has been created through collaboration with some teams involved in the Grand Prix, the Superbike World Championship, Endure, Cross and Motard.



MA-FRA shared the difficulties and problems that the teams face when pushed to the "limit" which led its research team to explore new avenues, launching new technological challenges.

A real leap into the future in terms of quality.

CHAINRACE is an exclusive chain grease and probably the product in the new line that demonstrates these characteristics most effectively.

CHAINRACE uses the exclusive, MA-FRA patented FRG (from fluid to gel) technology, which allows the lubricant to be applied directly from the bottle as a liquid – able to penetrate the chain links perfectly – then immediately become a gel, gripping firmly.

    Thanks to its high penetration capacity and grip, CHAINRACE keeps the fluency at the maximum.

This leads to an immediate reduction in friction (and low working temperature) that is converted into greater available power to the wheel and increased durability of the transmission components.

CHAINRACE does not dirty or drip and is, absolutely, the best chain-grease on the market.

CHAINRACE is for “Racing Use Only” and its incredible features make it the choice of some of the Top Teams of the Grand Prix and Superbike World Championship.

CHAINRACE is available in 250ml formats.

A professional products for bike wash by Mafra: international supplier for bike cleaners.

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