A completely new lubricant for bike chain. A professional bike wash and care product.


Each and every product on the new MOTO line has features that rank it at the very top of the market.

CHAINROAD is no exception.

CHAINROAD is a completely new lubricant for chains, more effective than any traditional product.

This chain-grease is applied via a spray can and is super-lubricating, highly resistant to wear, does not dry, mark the hubs or drip and prevents rust formation.

CHAINROAD is highly concentrated and compact, ideal for long distance bikers whose priority is a well-oiled and protected transmission.

CHAINROAD passed the toughest duration trials at Endurance and Continent Travel events: the final result is outstanding, safe lubrication with maximum protection.

Its red colour makes it easy to gauge, so that more can be applied when needed.

CHAINROAD is created for chains with or without O-Rings and X-rings and is available in 250ml spray cans.

A professional products for bike wash by Mafra: international supplier for bike cleaners.

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