Instantly removing grease from all mechanical motorbike parts. A professional bike wash and care product.


TEKNOCLEANER is ideal for instantly removing grease from all mechanical motorbike parts.

It is particularly effective on brake pads and transmission components, such as chains and sprockets, and does not damage the O-Rings.

The high deoxidising power of TEKNOCLEANER makes it perfect for unblocking gaskets.

TEKNOCLEANER has an extremely high charge pressure and its grease removing power, when united to that strength, guarantees a result beyond excellence.

Just spray the part in question, wait several seconds and wipe with a cloth or some paper to remove the now dissolved grease.

For best results, use TEKNOCLEANER before washing the motorbike.

Basically, spray the greasy parts (rims, carter, engine, brakes, chain, etc.

) and leave to work, then just carry out a normal wash, rinsing away the product, dissolved grease and the rest of the dirt all together.

TEKNOCLEANER is available in 500ml spray formats.

A professional products for bike wash by Mafra: international supplier for bike cleaners.

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