BIOXY STEAM Refill - 5lt

The product has passed virucidal tests • UNI EN 14476

BIOXY STEAM Refill - 5lt

BIOXY STEAM 5lt jerry can format
Product conform to Italian Legislation DGPRE 5443 Object: COVID-19 

BIOXY STEAM is a liquid peroxide compound-based decontaminant developed by MAFRA, suitable for use in steam systems with steel GEYSER boiler. It is suitable for the decontamination of all surfaces without running the risk of oxidation, corrosion and deterioration of the most delicate and sensitive materials. 

Field of application
BIOXY STEAM is used in steam systems with steel GEYSER boiler for the decontamination of all surfaces in elderly care facilities, livestock farms, fruit and vegetable markets, public transport, hospitals, public places (Cafés, restaurants, fast food restaurants, gyms, etc...). It is also compatible with all of the following materials: metal alloys, plastic (polypropylene, polyvinyl, etc...), glass, rubber and gaskets. BIOXY STEAM is composed of a specifically-developed base mixture of peroxides that release ACTIVE OXYGEN through the delivery of steam, plus other excipients of natural origin such as the essential oils of Malaleuca alternifolia and Copaifera officinalis which improve the stability and decontaminant action.  

• Quick and effective action.
• Safe for both man and the environment (in the final dilution of use).
• Safe on every type of surface.
• Restores the boiler’s original thermal exchange
• Does not require any rinsing and does not leave residues after use.                                                                                                                                        
• At the suggested dilutions, the product is not corrosive.
• Ideal for grocery stores, supermarkets, fruit and vegetable markets, canteens, etc... 

Mechanism of action
Inside the boiler, steam converts the peroxide compound into active oxygen. The biocidal action of the active oxygen is mediated by the highly reactive free radical •OH: this oxidises the lipid membranes, DNA and other essential components for micro-organisms, denaturing them. 

Action time
The BIOXY STEAM solution contains an enhanced active ingredi- ent that fulfils the guidelines of the ISS (Istituto Superiore di Sanità - National Health Institute) and is effective after one minute of exposure to contaminated surfaces. 

Source: ISS COVID-19 Report • No. 19/2020 

Instructions for use and dilution
Dilute BIOXY STEAM to obtain a solution to inject into the GEYSER boiler:
Dilute BIOXY STEAM at 5% (1:20) 
Dilute BIOXY STEAM at 2.5% (1:40) 
• Apply using the GEYSER machine to treat the required surfaces
• No rinsing required as the product does not leave any residues
• Once diluted, the product must be used within 48 hours and how- ever, do not exceed 5 days. 

Precautions for use
• Do not use on light alloys and surfaces that may be damaged by active chlorine.
• Do not mix with other detergents, especially if acidic.
• Do not mix with other products containing ammonia.
• Once the product is diluted, use within the next 12 hours

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