The Art of Detailing and Vintage Cars

Details make the difference!  This principle applies to different everyday circumstances, activities and trades, though here at MA-FRA we believe it is best expressed when speaking of car detailing.

The care for details, attention and meticulous approach in using the products, the gentleness and respect for surfaces, the search and studies to achieve increasingly higher performance: this is the approach of those who know how to enhance the looks of a car, almost to the point of turning it into a work of art.

The Stages of Detailing

The classic car detailing procedure involves the following steps:

Wash: first of all, a good wash! You need to remove excess dirt, grease and dust on surfaces that settled on the bodywork of the car. The best-suited solution for this first stage is a shampoo or degreaser with a neutral pH value.  Try our CAR WASH SHAMPOO and WAX or ACTIVE SHAMPOO

• Drying: before going ahead with the next steps, it is essential to dry the car perfectly to avoid any scratches or marks.  The MARLEY glove is an excellent solution to avoid leaving unnecessary traces of water

•Decontamination: this is the heart of the process! Polluting agents like tarmac, fine dust and limescale may remain on bodywork surfaces even after washing the car. To remove these residues and obtain a truly perfect polish, you need to use a clay bar directly on the bodywork. Our solutions for the decontamination stage are MA-FRA CLAY LIGHT and MA-FRA CLAY DARK

Polishing:  Once the surface in question has been prepared, you can go ahead with the actual polishing stage. It is important to choose a polish suitable for the conditions and type of paint of the bodywork. To proceed with the polishing stage, you can use a rotary or random orbit car polisher or polish the surfaces by hand.  Select the best-suited one in the MA-FRA Polish range according to your needs. We recommend STEP 1 and STEP 2

•Protection: it’s time to protect the glossy layer created by the polish. Waxes are normally used for this step. As well as enhancing the shine and brilliance of the bodywork, they protect it by adding a pleasant silky feel. AFTER POLISH STEP 3 has been designed specifically for this purpose.

•Maintenance: To maintain the work carried out over time, we recommend using quick detailers, which with a few wipes restore the original shine obtained at the end of the previous steps. These products normally contain polymers and carnauba wax. Try LAST TOUCH and FAST CLEANER

Detailing and Vintage Cars

Which sector if not that of vintage motorbikes and cars is best-suited to enhance detailing? Period cars are not simply cars, but actual gems, items of historic interest and icons of a passion of past times that demands and deserves a special commitment to enhance their beauty and charm. Restoring the shine and splendour of a car with decades of history behind it and that fought against chemicals, UVA rays and atmospheric factors is a difficult challenge that MA-FRA could not but take up.

Indeed, MA-FRA has always been more than just a company making car wash products: the slogan ‘cosmetics for your car’ shows this special attitude for car care. The encounter with the world of vintage cars was inevitable and is becoming an increasingly well-established one over time, to the point that a series of kits specifically dedicated to vintage cars was created.  VINTAGE CAR KIT

The Trade fairs and events in the Vintage car sector

So here are the upcoming events you shouldn’t miss to admire historic car models on the road and models on display. Of course MA-FRA will be at all these events with the products of its Detailing Line. Come and see us!

•Milan Varese (CMAE) – 21st September, Parade of Vintage Cars along the Milan-Varese motorway

•8th Milan award (CMAE) – Milan, 4th October at the Sforza Castle in Milan

•AutoMoto d’Epoca – Padua, 23-24-25-26 October at the Exhibition Centre

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