How to clean fabric car seats

With the arrival of autumn we spend increasingly more time in the car. It is therefore best to keep it as clean and comfortable as possible, starting from the care and cleaning of the car seats.

Many cars come with fabric interiors and seats: today we want to give you a few tips on how to treat or clean your seats in case of stains or unexpected dirt.

Tips for to clean fabric car seats

Here are a few solutions to clean the seats and the upholstery correctly:

– Remove the dust and dirt that settled and built up on the seats over time. We recommend doing this with a vacuum cleaner or a normal brush.

To ensure you removed dust residues, we recommend a simple test involving some ‘hitting’: hit the car seat with a carpet beater or vigorously with your hands and look if any excess dust comes out.

It may sound like an unorthodox method, but we can guarantee it works. If you don’t carry out this initial step, you might mix the detergent we will apply with the dirt in place, doing more harm than good

– Another important tip is to use cleaners evenly across the seat and not just on stained areas.

In this case, you might not to get a uniform result and accentuate the differences between the parts where the product is applied and those where it is not applied. Spreading the product over the entire seat instead ensures a complete and even detergent-renewal effect

– One last tip we want to give you is about the windows. It may seem obvious, but we often forget the windows open and the water going inside the car inevitably ends up on the seats, creating a mix with dirt that is difficult to remove.

Preventing is always better than treating, so always keep the windows well closed to avoid annoying stains

Products to be used to clean fabric car seats

To clean car seats, we recommend two highly specific products:

3-in-1 fabrics treatment: it features a special active foam that does not wet the fabric. Used with a microfibre cloth, it is perfect against any stain of accidental dirt like soft drinks or smoke

You can buy fabrics 3-in-1 here:

Flash: fitted with a special ergonomic brush to improve the performance of the product, is has a formula with an ‘Odor Stop’ effect, effective against bad odours caused by animals, food and tobacco.

You can buy Flash here

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