How to remove rust stains from the car: the annoying Red Dots

Due to the action of time and the elements, annoying and unpleasant rust spots may form on the bodywork and, if neglected, can end up permanently damaging the car. These stains tend to form in cases where the machine is left in particularly humid places or near railway stations and undergrounds where there is a […]

How to remove resin from the bodywork: summer alert for your car!

Removing resin from the bodywork of the car is something to be taken very seriously, an actual ‘red alert’ in summer! If you park your car under and near trees, you are indeed very likely to find on the bodywork drops of resin that, if left to dry for too long, may seriously affect the […]

How to polish your car!

Polishing your car is an important process to take care of your car: a step that can protect it whilst adding an extra shine. This is why MA-FRA created Last Touch. LAST TOUCH is the liquid wax to polish your car with carnauba wax, which will add a guaranteed, long-lasting, deep shine to the vehicle […]