Cleaning the car headlights in 5 steps with the Headlight polishing kit by Mafra!

Cleaning the car headlights has become one of the most popular car care operations over recent years! Car headlights tend to easily yellow and become opaque, due to atmospheric agents, smog and the heat of the sun, which heats plastic and might damage it. Opaque and dirty headlights can cause various inconveniences while driving, especially […]

Dry car washing, how to wash your car without water!

What is a dry car wash? Dry car washing is a method consisting of car cleaning and polishing steps without using water. This cleaning method recently became increasingly popular thanks to the creation of specific products – precisely called ‘savewater’ products – which are rinse-free. How to clean your car without water To clean your […]

The Art of Detailing and Vintage Cars

Details make the difference!  This principle applies to different everyday circumstances, activities and trades, though here at MA-FRA we believe it is best expressed when speaking of car detailing. The care for details, attention and meticulous approach in using the products, the gentleness and respect for surfaces, the search and studies to achieve increasingly higher […]