Cleaning the car engine: what you need to do and which car degreaser you should use

The mechanical parts, engine and outer surfaces of the car become easily soiled with oil, smog, flies, diesel oil, grease and stains. What you need in these circumstances is a degreaser suitable to clean the car engine and effectively remove traces and residues of grease on the outside without potentially damaging the parts it is applied on.

How to clean the car engine with a degreaser

Let’s see together a few handy steps to adequately clean the car engine

– Clean it in a spacious place outdoors, possibly in a car wash that ensures the dirt from the engine does not damage surrounding areas and is conveyed towards designated drain systems

– Protect the electrical parts of the engine by covering them with plastic (a shopping bag is suitable for the purpose). Excessive use of water might damage them.

– Protect the infeed of air in the engine from the flow of water. Once again, you can use plastic to cover the pipe.

– Apply the car degreaser on the engine parts

– Rinse with water, damp cloths or compressed air

– Let the engine dry until all the humidity has evaporated

– Remove all plastic items and protections used

Ma-Fra car degreasers

Once you know what kind of steps you need to follow to clean the car engine, you can switch to choosing the best-suited product for our needs. A quick degreaser that is easy to use or a stronger one that needs more care when it is applied?

Ready-to-use car degreaser

Are you looking for an easy and quick degreaser you can safely use on the engine and on the outer surfaces of your car or vehicle?

HP 12 is right up your street.

Its formula is designed to work on the mechanical parts of the engine, the outer plastic parts, aluminium profiles, and clean the exhaust pipe and the car hood.

HP 12 is easy to use because you just need to spray it directly onto the areas covered by grease and then wipe with a damp cloth without necessarily rinsing, unless you have to reach the deeper parts of the engine

Degreaser with high detergent action for use with dilutions

Ma-Fra_Supermafrasol. If instead you need a stronger detergent that can eliminate even the most persistent incrustations of grease, we recommend SUPERMAFRASOL.

SUPERMAFRASOL is a degreaser designed for professional use that can remove grease, oil, smog, flies, oil, dirt and stains. On cars it can be used as a detergent to wash the engine, clean the rims and also eliminate traffic film on the bodywork, always by using different dilutions.

As this is a product to be diluted manually, its degreasing effect may be stronger than HP 12 depending on the dilution used. Always follow the recommended dilutions and apply it with a sprayer (they are very handy 1L ones available on the market). A good final rinse step is essential.

SUPERMAFRASOL can also be used in various professional sectors such as workshops, industries, transportation, building sites. It is perfect for cleaning industrial floors.

You just have to try the degreaser for cleaning the car engine and its outer surfaces that best suits your needs. Both products are on sale on your online shop

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  • Rickk Johnson
    4 May 2018 at 5:54

    Thanks for sharing such an informative blog! I always feel intimidated from cleaning my car engine. I find it difficult to apply degreaser on parts like metal pipes. But I think this blog will help me out. Cleaning the engine does not seem that difficult. As far as the cleaner is concerned, my friend earlier suggested me Formula 88 cleaner and degreaser. He uses this one only. But I am going to try the both – hp 12 and Formula 88. Thank you for suggesting the degreaser!

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    14 June 2018 at 9:24

    That is informative post …
    I added your web into my favourites!
    🙂 Excited for future updates!



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