Dry car washing, how to wash your car without water!

What is a dry car wash?

Dry car washing is a method consisting of car cleaning and polishing steps without using water.

This cleaning method recently became increasingly popular thanks to the creation of specific products – precisely called ‘savewater’ products – which are rinse-free.

How to clean your car without water

To clean your car without water, you just need a microfibre cloth to apply the product on the surface in question without water. A microfibre cloth suitable for this application is, for instance, “Extra Brilliance”

Once the water-free product has been sprayed on the part in question, it will cause solid dirt to emerge and then it will be removed with the cloth.

After this first stage, we recommend wiping the surface again with a clean microfibre cloth. When you wipe again, you will also eliminate any remaining grease residues, the so-called ‘traffic film’.

When using the cloth, we recommend gently cleaning in one direction without pressing too much. It is best to wipe always in one direction (for example, from right to left)

Dry car washing products

Dry car washing products contain polymers that act by causing the dirt to emerge, so that it can be easily removed. Water-free car wash products normally have very specific properties.

The properties of water-free wash products

•They do not leave marks and dry very quickly: any liquid, including water, that remains on the car’s surface for too long, causes annoying marks and residues, particularly visible on black bodywork

They contain emulsified waxes: this allows you to obtain a polishing and protective effect, as well as cleaning the surface

• The surfactants they contain are biodegradable: the product residues that will remain on the cloth, once the car is cleaned, will be eliminated with a normal wash. In any case, the use of biodegradable surfactants guarantees maximum environmental compatibility

•They are made with water: The absence of abrasives and the minimal presence of solvents guarantee maximum safety on any kind of plastic and metal surface

The product specifically designed by us for dry car washing is:

FAST CLEANER: dry cleaner in a trigger version, effective against dirt and limescale stains

The benefits of washing your car without water

Washing your car without water is a specific practice normally takes a bit longer time than the one used for a ‘traditional’ car wash. However, there are no doubt some benefits.

The benefits of dry car washing

• You can wash your car in little space, anywhere, whenever you want

• A lower environmental impact compared to traditional car washing methods.

Lower water consumption: washing a car normally requires from 80 to 140 litres of water.

•You can wash all car parts. Dry car washing products can be used to clean the bodywork and all external parts of the car

Get shiny surfaces with an improved result compared to traditional water-based car cleaning

• No water drops leaking from gaskets and mirrors that may leave limestone residues, resulting in small marks

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