Eliminating the smell of cat and dog urine: whether in the car or at home, now it’s quick and easy with our Pet Line!

You don’t know how to get rid of the smell of urine of your cat or dog around the house? Your lovely four-legged pet left traces of droll on the car seats and you don’t have a clue how to remove them?

Mafra’s PET LINE comes to the rescue with a series of products specifically designed for grooming cats and dogs and cleaning the areas where they live.


If you usually bring your pet with you and you often find unpleasant surprises and bad odours in the car, you must have certainly wondered how to solve the problem! Our Car Pet Line is precisely designed for those who often travel with their pets: 7 products to clean your car available in 500 ml packages.

URINE REMOVER: it is used to remove the urine of cats and dogs from fabrics and plastic by effectively neutralising bad odours inside the car

DROOL REMOVER DETERGENT: it effectively removes traces of drool and faeces without leaving marks

REMOVES BAD ODOURS: it neutralises and absorbs bad odours while releasing a pleasant scent throughout the interiors.

DEGREASER FOR CAGES: cleans and degreases cages and carriers, leaving a pleasant, clean fragrance

The Car Pet Line is completed with another 3 products, specifically designed to clean the most common car surfaces: FABRIC CLEANER, PLASTIC CLEANER AND LEATHER CLEANER, perfect to keep car interiors clean and sanitised.

Browse our whole Car Pet Line here below!


You don’t know how to clean your cat’s litter box?  You want to eliminate traces of cat urine on the sofa and cushions or dog urine around the house?

Along with the dedicated Line to clean car interiors, Mafra also came up with a series of household products, its Home Pet Line consisting of 3 special products

ODOUR STOP FLOOR CLEANER: ideal for degreasing any type of floor quickly and effectively, removing bad odours

SOFA AND CARPET CLEANER FOR THE HOME: removes stains quickly and effectively from any type of fabric and carpet.

LITTER CLEANER: cleans litters thoroughly, effectively removing traces of urine and faeces, whilst also removing bad odours.

Browse our whole Home Pet Line here below!


Last but not least, to complete the wide range of products dedicated to the world of pets, we also offer a line of shampoos for cats and dogs, called “BODY PET LINE”.

The 5 products, designed for any kind of hair and dermatologically tested, are enriched with Neem oil, a natural active ingredient that helps keep parasites away effectively.

Browse all the products of the Body Pet Line here below!

What are you waiting for? Solve the issue of bad odours left by your 4-legged pets once and for all. You can order our products online at www.mafraforpet.com or http://www.auto-spa.it/petline-animalidomestici

All CAR and HOME products benefit from the extensive experience gained by Mafra in the field of detergents, whereas the “BODY PET LINE” range has been developed in partnership with the University of Camerino and is dermatologically tested by the Ospedale Veterinario Universitario didattico of the university.

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