How to polish your car!

Polishing your car is an important process to take care of your car: a step that can protect it whilst adding an extra shine. This is why MA-FRA created Last Touch.

LAST TOUCH is the liquid wax to polish your car with carnauba wax, which will add a guaranteed, long-lasting, deep shine to the vehicle it is applied on: the best suited product to restore the original shine of your bodywork.

LAST TOUCH guarantees a polished finish with little effort. Indeed, it mainly stands out for being quick and easy to apply: by its very nature, Last Touch will help you in the challenging task of effortlessly achieving a perfect result.

Thanks to its innovative high-performance formula, silicone-free and rich in the valuable carnauba wax, LAST TOUCH considerably increases the brilliance of the bodywork, preventing dirt from building up again, whilst ensuring long-lasting protection and leaving an incredibly silky feeling to the surface, without leaving swirls and marks.

LAST TOUCH is an abrasive-free car wax that can be used on the whole car, windows and plastic surfaces included. A car wax that is definitely quick and easy to use: all you need to do is evenly spray small doses of LAST TOUCH on the surface in question at about 20 cm away, without using too much product. Apply it with a microfibre cloth and make sure you turn it often

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