How to remove resin from the bodywork: summer alert for your car!

Removing resin from the bodywork of the car is something to be taken very seriously, an actual ‘red alert’ in summer!

If you park your car under and near trees, you are indeed very likely to find on the bodywork drops of resin that, if left to dry for too long, may seriously affect the paintwork and damage it.

Word-of-mouth, along with dedicated forums and portals suggest the best alchemies to remove resin from cars, although we hardly believe they might work without damaging your car.

Washing-up liquid, degreasers, acetone and detergent water, alcohol, white spirit, diesel oil are just a few of the stratagems used. It’s also worth noting the use of olive oil, perhaps excellent to season a salad, but certainly not effective on resin. We also do not recommend using sandpaper and abrasive sponges, which might damage the bodywork and create micro scratches.

If you prefer to rely on a professional, then the solution to your problem is RESIN OFF.

RESIN OFF, created by MA-FRA’s laboratories, is specifically designed to remove resin and traces of insects from the bodywork, whilst preserving the paintwork and delicate car parts. It is effortless to use: just spray it directly on the dirty areas of the car and thanks to its detergent action, resin and stains of flies will be instantly dissolved, with no need to rub!

RESIN OFF is a product you should always keep in your car. It’s handy to solve unexpected dirt on the bodywork, which is typical in summer.

RESIN OFF is available for sale online at, along with a few other tips about how to use it to achieve the best performance.

Summer is here, don’t be caught off-guard and preserve your bodywork as best as possible by promptly removing resin. Preserve your car as best as possible!

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