3 Problems caused by sun and heat to your car in summer. Do something about it while you’re in time!

In summer sun, heat and humidity can damage delicate car parts.

To keep your car as good as new, you need know which situations might occur in it and which parts are normally more subject to exposure to sunlight.

Here are 3 classic car care problems we recommend you pay special attention to in summer and a few tips to solve them.

Marks on windows on the inside:

Those who do not use air-conditioning and prefer to lower down the windows will have noticed that windows tend to become dirtier in summer. Indeed, when you keep the windows down, along with air from outside, also a greater amount of dust gets into the car and tends to settle on windows, thereby soiling them. Those who take their car on holiday or live in a big city and tend to travel with the windows down are very familiar with this issue.


Use a quick window degreaser that can easily eliminate dirt and marks,  like our GLASS CLEANER. Spray our GLASS CLEANER directly on the window and apply the light foam that will form with a microfibre cloth or with pure cellulose paper moving from the bottom up or left to right to cover the whole surface. The result? The marks and dirt have been removed and the windows are as good as new.

GLASS CLEANER is available online at autospa.it

Faded and opaque dashboards:

In summer we frequently leave our car parked outside under the sun even for several hours.

Sun rays penetrate through the windows and reflect on plastic car parts, especially dashboards. The inevitable result is a loss of colour and vigour of plastic, until actual cracks form.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can leave marks and stains on plastic, especially if the latter is not top quality. Indeed, car dashboards are made of various types of plastic and in the case of recycled plastic, the potential damage caused by the sun might be particularly evident.


Carry out a combined plastic ‘cleaning – protection’ treatment. Use a specific multipurpose car cleaner like DETERJET to remove the layer of dust and grease from surfaces. To protect it from sun rays, use DIAMANT PLAST 4, a mix of plant-derived waxes that create a barrier against UV rays and help preserve the colour and vigour of plastic over time. If the surfaces are not particularly dirty and you’d rather use a single polishing and protective product, try our 3-IN-1 DASHBOARD TREATMENT. Ensure a long life for dashboards and plastic parts!

Buy DIAMANT PLAST 4 and 3-IN-1 DASHBOARD TREATMENT online at autospa.it under the section with products designed for plastic parts and dashboards.

DETERJET is instead available for purchase here

Resin on bodywork:

A classic summer issue are stains and resin residues on the bodywork, which can leave annoying marks if they are not promptly removed.

Cars parked near trees are easily subject to sticky drops of resin falling on them. They stick to surfaces and tend to become hard and solidify. Resin is a tough substance to remove and must be treated with specific products that are able to dissolve it without affecting the bodywork and causing greater damage.


Keep a specific product to dissolve resin, like RESIN OFF, in your car. Spray RESIN OFF on the stain or on the drop of resin and then massage with a microfibre cloth until the resin has been removed. You can now park your car with full peace of mind!

RESIN OFF is available online at autospa.it

Along with Glass Cleaner, Resin Off, Diamant Plast 4, autospa.it, the e-shop devoted to car care, provides a number of other Mafra products to ensure your car is always perfect.

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