Kit Flash Bright - Car Care and Cleaning

Polishing chrome, stainless steel , brass and alloy. A professional Mafra car polish product.

Kit Flash Bright - Car Care and Cleaning

Flash Bright comes from Ma-Fra’s tech line: it is the new brightness, rapid for Chromo, steel, brass and alloy’s surfaces polish.

Flash Bright is easy to apply and remove, it ensures a deep and long brightness, without any microscratches, rebuilding the original shine and giving an effective protection against corrosion and sunrays.

The product was made for cleaning, shining, renewing and removing the little scratchs and also the light oxidations from steel, brass and alloy.

Flash Bright’s package contains a 80 ml product’s bottle and the boosters sponge.

This is one of the best car polish product from Mafra, international car wash and car deteailing international supllier.

Boosters sponge increases in a safety way, the Flas Bright’s performances without microscratches on the surface.

Thanks its special composition and extraordinary surfaces aderence, it makes yor work easier and enhances the brightness performances, ensuring you a less effort and a quicker work’s chances.

A right ready to use product!

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