Remove stubborn dirt from boat fenders and stains from plastic, eliminating yellowing. A professional boat wash and care product.


SHARKY is the multi-purpose product created by MA-FRA to resolve two difficult problems typical of boat cleaning:
•    remove stubborn dirt from fenders
•    remove stains from plastic, eliminating yellowing.

SHARKY effortlessly eliminates traces of varnish, tar and gas exhaust grime from fenders, thanks to its combined natural surface acting agents.

  The elasticity of the PVC is maintained so its gentle action does not weaken the fenders.

SHARKY guarantees exceptional results on boat furnishings, where normal detergents prove ineffective.

SHARKY helps to remove dirt embedded in the fabrics: the changes in temperatures essentially cause the pores of the fabric fibre to expand and contract, which allows dirt to penetrate and obstructs proper cleaning.

SHARKY restores aged and sun bleached furnishings to their original conditions, without grease or tackiness.

  Free of chlorinated solvents, SHARKY is used in its pure form and conveniently does not require rinsing.

SHARKY is sold in a handy 500ml spray format.

A professional products for boat wash by Mafra: international supplier for boat cleaners and degreasers.

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