To clean Dinghies or Tenders, in full respect of the environment. A professional boat wash and care product.


SHELLY is a concentrated professional product created to thoroughly clean DINGHIES or TENDERS, based on naturally derived surface acting agents in full respect of the environment, especially marine.

Easy to rinse, SHELLY ensures that even the most stubborn dirt washes away effortlessly, such as black lines, bird droppings, discharge fumes, stains from sun lotion or oil.

SHELLY contains Polarlite®, key protection against UVA rays, created by the Ma-Fra R&D Centre to prevent yellowing resulting from exposure to sunlight.

Using SHELLY regularly keeps the dinghy like new for longer and prevents damages caused by dirt, sunshine and salt.

SHELLY is sold in sailing shops and dry docks in a 750ml format.

A professional products for boat wash by Mafra: international supplier for boat cleaners and degreasers.

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