WC Chimik

The highly concentrated solvent for Boats and Campers WC.

WC Chimik

WC CHIMIK is the highly concentrated solvent, perfect for anyone who travels by caravan, and for portable toilets in general, thanks to its high breakdown power.

WC CHIMIC is an extraordinary agent for the treatment of organic water that prevents fermentation and the resulting unpleasant odours by reducing gas build-up.

Thanks to its remarkable strength, WC CHIMIK cleans deep down and eliminates all the deposits in the tank, even breaking down toilet paper, while performing a strong sanitising action.

For correct use, put around two litres of water in the WC tank and pour in 75ml of the product for every 10 litres tank capacity.

WC CHIMIK is environmentally friendly too!  It does not contain any of the particularly pollutant chemical, formaldehyde.

WC CHIMIK is sold in a new parallelepipedal 1 litre pack, with a wide, topple-proof base, tha remains steady on the ground.

A professional products for boat wash by Mafra: international supplier for boat cleaners and degreasers.

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