Elisir BIO - Car Air Freshener

Car air freshners in Apple, Lemon, Strawberry, Citrus, Coconut and Peach

Elisir BIO - Car Air Freshener

ELISIR BIO is a line of attractive perfumes, able to put the finishing touch to any vehicle, while also being perfect for small spaces.

The ELISIR BIO line is natural and available in a wide range of fruit-inspired fragrances to fill your car with the freshness of APPLE, LEMON, STRAWBERRY, CITRUS, COCONUT and PEACH.

ELISIR BIO is guaranteed by an international patent and is fitted, to avoid waste, with a wooden dosage ball that absorbs the essence and releases it gradually into the air, enhanced by a protective wooded sleeve.

ELISIR BIO is found in the best service stations and at your local car wash.


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