Car Care products

Take care of your auto! With MA-FRA's products you will be able to clean and refine it in many ways. Clean and revive plastic parts and dashboard, renews al the interiors, give shine to you car body, protect and restore the colours. Discover our new car care line "Charme": interior car cleaners, anti-aging moistourising milks for leather seats and other solutions. One of our speciality in car care products are waxes and car polish: rapid and spray wax, medium hard and soft pad for car polishing treatements, dust repellents and sprays for cleansing and protective treatment​​​s.
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Interior car cleaner product Charme Nutrient. Professional car care Product.
Clay Bar ideal for dark paintwork and car
Clay Bar ideal for varnished or chrome surfaces
Concentrated car detergent for all seasons de-icer. Professional car care Product.
Seasonal car care threatment Cristalbel. Professional car care Product.
Perfumed grease removing detergent for windscreen wiper tanks, able to withstand temperatures of -70° without freezing. Professional car care Product.
Eliminate even the most stubborn traces of glue and tar from the bodywork rapidly. A professional product for car wax by Mafra.
Products for Car Washes vending machines, Cube air freshener
A new car air freshners fragrances based on Real Parfumes
For a cleansing and protective treatment that creates a silk effect on the new generation dashboards and vehicle interiors. Professional car care Product.
A dashboard spray to reviving, shining and covering properties. Professional car detailing Product.
Dust repellent barrier on car external plastic. A professional product for car wax by Mafra.