Car Care products

Take care of your auto! With MA-FRA's products you will be able to clean and refine it in many ways. Clean and revive plastic parts and dashboard, renews al the interiors, give shine to you car body, protect and restore the colours. Discover our new car care line "Charme": interior car cleaners, anti-aging moistourising milks for leather seats and other solutions. One of our speciality in car care products are waxes and car polish: rapid and spray wax, medium hard and soft pad for car polishing treatements, dust repellents and sprays for cleansing and protective treatment​​​s.
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Long-lasting air-fresheners for car interiors in unique and original attractive bottles
It neutralizes the persistent bad smell of the smoke
Car air freshners in Apple, Lemon, Strawberry, Citrus, Coconut and Peach
House air freshners in Wood, Spices, Mint, Melon and Vanilla
Products for Car Washes vending machines, Extra dry Cloth
For restoring car Bumpers, Side Panels, Spoilers and Bonnets. A professional Mafra car polish product.
Fast cleaner guarantees a long lasting, water repellent effect on the windows and body of the car. A professional product for car wax by Mafra.
To have the best performance in the shortest possible time about car interior cleaning. Professional car care Product.
Car detailing super spray detergent to clean car glass and crystals
Glass Cleaner with excellent cleaning power even on nicotine and grease stains. Professional car care Product.
A car wash glove, soft wool and waterproof interior. Touchless and Automatic Car Wash Line.
Micro-fibre Cloth for Car Washes. Touchless and Automatic Car Wash Line.