Polish Express

The revolutionary polish for auto and car detailing. Shampoo fo cars Mafra line.

Polish Express

POLISH EXPRESS® is the revolutionary polish by MA-FRA, based on nanotechnologies, used just like a shampoo! With POLISH EXPRESS® you will try out a new way of effortlessly polishing your car while you wash it that will leave you truly amazed! Dilute POLISH EXPRESS® in a bucket at 1:10 with water and use a sponge to wipe it evenly over your car, then rinse: POLISH EXPRESS® cleans and seals the pores of the paintwork, actually protecting your car from bad weather!

Essentially, POLISH EXPRESS® guarantees a treatment comparable to the tinned waxes, but without the exertion and in just ten minutes! Use regularly POLISH EXPRESS® and will assure that your car the four fantastic nanotech effects: POLISH EFFECT, for unrivalled shine; WINDSCREEN WIPER FLUID EFFECT, for the utmost safety in case of rain; MIRROR EFFECT, so your car looks the same as when you bought it, and the one and only SILK EFFECT, for truly smooth bodywork, silken to the touch! Do you really love your car? Then treat it to the best with POLISH EXPRESS®!

A professional shampoo for car wash by Mafra: international supplier for car care industry.

Polish Express. NanoTechnology by MA FRA
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