Metal Car

Versatile and fast acting Protective Wax Spray Polish for Metallic Varnishe. A professional Mafra car polish product.

Metal Car

Its most distinguishing feature is that it's so easy to use.

METAL CAR is the versatile and fast-acting Protective Wax Spray Polish for Metallic Varnishes produced in the MA-FRA R&D laboratories.

METAL CAR was created to be used by everyone, simply and easily.

METAL CAR guarantees results.

Made of strong-hold synthetic wax, it shines and protects car bodywork easily and in half the usual time.

Its water-based formula allows METAL CAR to act even on slightly wet bodywork and it lasts over time without leaving halos.

METAL CAR is free of abrasives and can be used on any type of paintwork.

Whereas other products may whiten plastic parts, our super-wax can be used without this inconvenience.

METAL CAR is simply sprayed on the desired parts and rubbed with a cloth to bring out a remarkable "silk" effect on the paintwork.

It leaves a long-lasting veil that causes the dirt and smog to slide away.

Your car will shine forever with METAL CAR.



all for just few, easy minutes!
METAL CAR is used by car wash professionals and is sold in 500ml spray formats.

This is one of the best car polish product from Mafra, international car wash and car deteailing international supllier.

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