Inox Mix Save

Ideal for filling spray bottles, sprayers etc, a car wash equipment, Inox version. Touchless and Automatic Car Wash Line.

Inox Mix Save

Steel structure.

Anti-pollution protection.

Easy maintenance.

Works without electrical power of any kind 4 L/min.

2 products: ideal for filling bottles, sprayers etc.

16 L/min.

2 products: ideal for filling sinks, floor cleaning machines, canisters, etc.

Systems are modular.

Can be connected on both the left and the right 1⁄2 pipe holder.

The system comprises: Installation set, Suction pipe, Delivery pipe.

Range of water use at 50 ° C: from 2 to 6 Bar.


Choose Mafra for your touchless and automatic car wash products.

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