Polish Express

Polish Express for Car Washes. Touchless and Automatic Car Wash Line.

Polish Express

It is a “machine-product” integrated system, covered by exclusive Ma-Fra patent.

Thanks to the combined effect between the nanotech super polish “Mafralux Foam ®” - vegetal waxes and polymeric siloxane based - and the special distributing equipment with spreading hydro brush, it allows an incredible washing and polishing treatment of the car.

The use of Polish Express ® assures to the final customer 4 value added bonus: Polish Effect for the utmost protection: the treatment cleans first the bodywork and then it seals the opened pores, protecting the bodywork though time! Mirror effect for the utmost brilliance: a brightness comparable to a professional treatment carried out in a body shop.

Silk effect for the utmost satisfaction: an invaluable characteristic, easily verifiable by the final customer, that can allow the application of the formula “satisfied or refunded!” “Liquid windscreen” effect for the utmost safety: thanks to the nano-polymers of its formula, water slides away from the windscreen assuring a full visibility also in adverse weather conditions! 

A professional car wax from Mafra, international supplier for car wash products.

Choose Mafra for your touchless and automatic car wash products.

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Polish Express. NanoTechnology by MA FRA
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