Rotor Jet to clean the entire interori of the car. Touchless and Automatic Car Wash Line.


Is a really exceptional tool, able in a few moments to clean the entire interior of the car: from the seats to the dashboard, from the opening bars of the doors to heaven of the car, saving time and effort! The magic of Rotorjet is a simple secret of physics: a thin, flexible pipe spirals in the hollow of the output cylinder, turning the air to a high pressure with a rotating motion, similar to a vortex, creating a very fine nebulization of the provided product.

This phenomenon provides a unique cleansing effect: able to give excellent performance even in the most hidden spaces! Using Rotorjet with PULIMAX EWO, you do not take risks to health: PULIMAX EWO is completely non-toxic and VOC Free, so it is not harmful to the respiratory system.

Rotorjet can then be used to dry the treated part: simply turn the tap of the tank and the gun will work in the drying phase.


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