Cristal Vetro 200 ml

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Cristal Vetro 200 ml

“Transparency” is crucial for any driver.

That is why, even when buying a seemingly straightforward product, it is vital to choose one you can trust, from a company that has made cleaning its mission….

It has been given the name CRISTAL VETRO and MA-FRA has designed it for those who really want to “see clearly” and choose to put the cleaning of their vehicle’s glass in the hands of the most effective detergent for glass surfaces that have been produced to date.

CRISTAL VETRO, created with new generation surface acting agents, dissolves rapidly and eliminates traces of smoke or smog, all types of grease, insects and the wax build-up left by the car wash on all parts of the glass and varnished surfaces, immediately restoring their original shine.

CRISTAL VETRO is quick and easy to use (treats 1 metre² of surface in 15 seconds), even when used in direct sunlight, it does not leave halos and has a pleasant fragrance, instead of the usual odour of ammonia.

Whether in the car or large vehicles, CRISTAL VETRO is the powerful partner to anyone who knows that safety also means perfect visibility.

CRISTAL VETRO is sold in practical 500ml spray cans.


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