Fast & Black 200 ml

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Fast & Black 200 ml

FAST & BLACK is the result of a direct request from Italy’s largest tyre producer.

PIRELLI basically needed a new product, different from all the others, for the “Pzero” tyres used by the Racing Teams involved in the “Ferrari Challenge”.

Specifications from the Pirelli technicians included, in particular, speed of use and an excellent long-lasting polish effect.

The product was not to stain the mechanics’ hands once applied.

MA-FRA answered these requests with FAST & BLACK.

FAST & BLACK is the handy and quick anti-static polish that is neither greasy nor tacky.

It can resist up to three washes and is durable, protecting and reviving the original colour and preserving the tyre from cracking and atmospheric and chemical agents.

FAST & BLACK is also used by car dealers and in show rooms and a quick treatment can add a lasting boost to the colours of the tyres of the display cars.

FAST & BLACK, for its practicality and rapid use, is also bound for the “Popolo dei Raduni e delle Fiere” and is available from automatic dispensers in a handy 500ml spray can.


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