Alu Flu

It contains special protective inhibitors for aluminium

Alu Flu

Is a protective, long-lasting, new-concept liquid, essential for every season as it provides a dual action: as an anti-freeze up to -38 °C; and as a coolant with a boiling point of > +115°C.

ALU FLU contains special protective inhibitors for aluminium, and is free of phosphates, nitrites, nitrites derived from boron and silicates, fulfilling the specifications of manufacturing houses, as well as the requirements of standards ASTM D3306 and CUNA 956-16.

ALU FLU does not evaporate, it increases thermal exchange between engine and liquid, and liquid and radiator, guaranteeing less heating, less pump cavitation and greater engine life.

ALU FLU can only be mixed with permanent liquids of proven quality, with the same high technical specifications.


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