Stop Oil Dot 4

Oild recommended for high performance vehicle

Stop Oil Dot 4

STOP OIL DOT 4 brake fluid contains all of the best MA-FRA experience with characteristics that rank it among the top products of the category.

STOP OIL DOT 4 has been developed in the MA-FRA R&D centres in response to those who wish to travel in total safety.

STOP OIL DOT 4 has the following Properties:
•    Recommended for high performance vehicles
•    Guarantees gradual, safe braking at any temperature (from – 40° to +260°)
•    It is not hygroscopic: it does not absorb water
•    It is not corrosive.

It does not corrode the working parts and prevents corrosion of the hydraulic circuit.

•    It does not evaporate, guaranteeing superior safety
•    It is highly resistant to wear and tear
•    It has a high boiling point
•    It complies with the European norms F.





– 116 DOT 4 – ISO 4925 – SAE J 1703 – CUNA NC 956 – O1 DOT 4
STOP OIL DOT 4 is sold in 250ml and 1000ml formats.


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