CLOVIR - 500ml

Instant multi-surface purifying agent with active chlorine

CLOVIR - 500ml

CLOVIR 500ml, instant multi-surface purifying agent with active chlorine

Product conform to Italian Legislation DGPRE 5443 Object: COVID-19

CLOVIR offers complete cleaning and deep purification by removing any contamination and soiling, without leaving aggressive chemical residues and does not require rinsing.  

Field of application
CLOVIR is particularly recommended for decontaminating surfaces in offices, the home and the common areas of residential buildings (garbage rooms, handrails, lifts, door bells and intercoms, gyms, am- bulances, public areas (cafés, fast food restaurants, public transport, fitting rooms, etc...).   

• Eliminates contaminations 
• Purifies efficiently
• Cleans without rinsing
• Clean scent  

Instructions for use and dilution
• Spray CLOVIR directly onto the required surface at a distance of 20-25 cm
• Wipe with a clean microfiber cloth.
• No rinsing required.

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