Color Foaming agent Blu

A blu color foam for car wash. Professional Foaming agent.

Color Foaming agent Blu

Is a newly devised foam that gives the car wash a striking and unique look.

A full foam covering is formed on the car, in a variety of four colour (green, yellow, red and blue), distributed via a water jet with the appropriate spraygun, or through the foam spray.

COLOR FOAM is ideal for use with softened or osmotized water.

There is a multitude of advantages this is not only economically beneficial, in terms of consumption, speed and simplicity, but it greatly enhances the image of the wash station.

The visual impact is so remarkable that it is sure to catch the eye of passing motorists.

COLOR FOAM forms a thick, enveloping foam that rinses quickly and disappears completely on contact with the ground.


Mafra provides the best solutions for car wash foam soap.

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