Double Face Glove

Microfiber glove
  • Ideal for cleaning the vehicle by hand and in complete safety
  • Double use
  • Large format 30 x 20 cm

The high quality Double Face microfibre glove was created for those who want to obtain maximum results during the washing phase of their car without risking scratching the bodywork.

Ideal for cleaning your vehicle by hand and in complete safety, Double Face is a professional glove also suitable for hobby use.

The main feature of the Double Face glove, as you can guess from the name, is its “double” use:

The gray and yellow side of the short-haired microfiber glove is ideal for cleaning and removing general dirt and stains from the top of the car body such as windows, windshields, upper pillars, bonnet and canopy.
The second side of the Double Face glove, in blue chenille microfibre, is optimal for tackling coarse dirt and removing it from the small interstices and from the entire lower part of the bodywork such as wheel arches, lower pillar, bumpers, bands, the area where it is deposited more dirt.

Thanks to its large format, 30 x 20 cm, it allows you to clean large surfaces of the body in a few passes, following every corner and detail of the car. The Double Face glove is able to absorb large quantities of water – shampoo solution so that it can also be used when dry as a glove for drying the bodywork or to simply eliminate dust without risking scratching the car.

Thanks to its “easy self clean” technology we will always have a clean glove because the chenille microfiber retains dirt during the cleaning phase of the car and expels it during the rinsing phase into the bucket with clean water.

Its elasticated cuff allows you to have greater control of the Double Face glove during the washing phase, extremely comfortable, it helps to keep the glove firmly on the hand.

  • First rinse the car with water to remove light dirt on the surface and rinse the Double Face glove in a bucket with clean water
  • Immerse the glove in a second bucket with water – shampoo solution and clean the surface of the vehicle with linear and delicate movements
  • Regularly rinse the glove in the bucket with water only to remove dirt and contaminating particles

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