Business Ethics

Employee selection is generally motivated by physical and intellectual qualities. Living in a social environment, it becomes clear that there are many other elements in the equation, elements that are rarely taken into account and can determine the success or failure of a Company: feelings, will and inner qualities, such as reliability, ability to love and be loved, fairness, patience, joy, generosity, loyalty, sincerity, self-sacrifice.

The companies that will manage to thrive in the future are those that have discovered how to put each person’s dedication and ability to learn to use on all levels: the importance of the human presence will therefore only determine the success of the companies if it is considered as the very first point of satisfaction.
To summarise, there has been a change in the running of the Company: socially responsible companies will not only be considered more ethical, they will also be more capable of generating value.

MA-FRA has been deeply involved in putting the policies of responsible employment into action. Among the initiatives undertaken is the union, formalised in August 2005, with the United Nations programme, Global Compact, – a direct initiative of the General Secretary – with the aim of involving the world of business in a new form of collaboration (with the United Nations), through the union of ten universal values on topics such as human rights, labour rights and environmental protection.

In the area of human rights: support and respect the rights in the work place; being certain to take no part, even indirectly, in the abuse of human rights.

The labour standards: guarantee the freedom of association and the rights of the workers to collective negotiation, ensuring that work is neither forced nor mandatory, abstaining from any form of child labour and any form of discrimination in employment and dismissal policies.

Environmental protection: take a preventative stance against any environmental challenges, promote initiative for increased environmental responsibility; encourage the development and distribution of environmentally friendly technology.

MA-FRA’s ethical approach to the world of work is also found in the rapports established over the years with its dealers, bonds that are often long-lasting and based on absolute loyalty, in many cases having already reached the “second generation”. MA-FRA has managed to attain this close network of partners through loyalty, respect and the free exchange of ideas, partner training and development, the protection and maintenance of the allotted zones, a policy of clarity and honesty and having the will to share a great project with them all.

Training and updating, respecting the area