Last Touch - Super Wax for Car Detailing

Super fast liquid wax for car detailing. A professional product for car wax by Mafra.

Last Touch - Super Wax for Car Detailing

The LAST TOUCH EXPRESS super-fast liquid wax quickly and easily guarantees exceptional, deep and long lasting cleaning and shine, even when it rains.

This innovative, high performance formula rich in precious Carnauba wax, considerably increasing bodywork shine, preventing dirt from depositing again, guaranteeing long lasting protection and leaving the surface incredibly silky to touch.

Developed by MA-FRA research laboratories, LAST TOUCH EXPRESS can be used anywhere, including windows and plastic, without leaving streaks: simply spray the product and pass a micro-fibre cloth over it to treat the entire car in just a few minutes, whether wet or dry.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Spray LAST TOUCH EXPRESS evenly on the part to treat, in small doses and at a distance of 20 cm without using excessively.

Spread the product using a micro-fibre cloth and then dry the body of the car with another dry cloth.

A professional car wax from Mafra, international supplier for car wash products.

Car Wax - LAST TOUCH by #MAFRA Car Care
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