Fantasie d'Elisir - Oriental Spa

Super concentrated perfume

Fantasie d'Elisir - Oriental Spa

Mafra Fantasie di Elisir®, a line of elegant essences, super concentrated and refined with long persistence, able to release a truly unique fragrance based on pure essential oil. The fragrances are designed to be used in all environments, not only in the car but also ideal for home, hotel and environments in our daily life, and this is why the graphic style is suitable for all markets. The fragrances can neutralize any odor and have a guaranteed duration of at least 3 days. They are also alcohol free, water-soluble and "hydrocompatible". The fragrances of Fantasie di Elisir®, have very complex notes inspired by fragrances of high perfume and aromatherapy. With very rich top, middle and bottom notes, which allow unique olfactory sensations. Fantasie d’Elisir Oriental Spa with a middle note of rose and ylang ylang and a bottom note with a base of vanilla and patchouli.

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