Geyser - 4in1 System

Dry and wet stem system, extraction & foaming system, adjustable hot water system

Geyser - 4in1 System

Geyser - 4in1 System:

  • Dry and wet stem system

  • Extraction system

  • Foaming system

  • Adjustable steam and hot water system


  1. Steam ready and no hot water signal light.
  2. Self Cleaning Boiler
  3. Safe Energy: timed boiler supply with 60-minute standby for the foam function
  4. Level sensor for continuous tank loading through external 6-litre tank
  5. Temperature in boiler 165° / Steam 140°
  6. Bodywork AISI 304 stainless steel / Boiler 3kW AISI 304 stainless steel
  7. High yield motor extraction: 1.2 kW
  8. 220/240v - 50/60 Hz
  9. Vacuum power 3 kW
  10. Operating pressure 7 Bar
  11. Boiler capacity 4.5 litres
  12. Collection bin capacity 45 litres
  13. Liquid drain pipe / Washable Filter
  14. 4-metre flex pipe
  15. Compressed air connection for foaming

Multipurpose machine:

  1. Cleaning with dry steam
  2. Wet steam
  3. Foaming detergent
  4. Liquid and dust vacuuming

Easy to use:

  • Equipped with connection for compressed air and pressure gauges, air and steam.
  • Quick coupling system for steam gun
  • Gun with integrated activation control, suction power adjustment and steam function/foam function activation button.
  • Blower function with hot air outlet for quickly drying car interiors with 4mt hose.

Simple and intuitive control panel:

  • Main ON/OFF switch with indicator light
  • Safe energy: timed boiler supply with 60-minute standby for the
  • Foam function
  • Steam function/compressed air function selector
  • Water/detergent selector
  • Steam flow rate regulator
  • Steam ready indicator light
  • No water indicator light with acoustic signal
  • Steam pressure gauge and air pressure gauge

Continuous work without interruptions:
Unlimited steam autonomy thanks to the electronically-controlled supply of the boiler which allows water to be topped up in the tank without having to stop the machine and stop work.

Gayser fields of application

  • Food & beverage: food industry, catering, beverage industry, wineries and wine industry.
  • Hotellerie, community and health care: hotels, building, sports, centres, gyms, wellness centres, schools and communities, hospitals.
  • Industry: industrial plants, public transport, car washes, car dealers.
  • Car dealers, car washes, body shops and any other place where a source of compressed air is already available

Standard accessories supplied

  • Hose for injection and extraction nozzle (4m)
  • Small steam nozzle
  • Steam fitting
  • Suction hose (4m)
  • Flat nozzle
  • 10 cm round brush
  • Detergent tube for foam brush
  • Foam brush
  • Cartridge filter
  • Steam hose (4m)
  • Curved steam nozzle
  • Straight steam nozzle
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