Hobby Car Wash

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Cleans any brake and mechanic unit, without having to dissemble it
For a cleansing and protective treatment that creates a silk effect on the new generation dashboards and vehicle interiors. Professional car care Product.
A dashboard spray to reviving, shining and covering properties. Professional car detailing Product.
Dust repellent barrier on car external plastic. A professional product for car wax by Mafra.
Sail detergent, respect colours and fibers. A professional boat wash and care product.
Clean the exterior and interior glass reinforced plastic of crafts. A professional boat wash and care product.
Long-lasting air-fresheners for car interiors in unique and original attractive bottles
It neutralizes the persistent bad smell of the smoke
Car air freshners in Apple, Lemon, Strawberry, Citrus, Coconut and Peach
House air freshners in Wood, Spices, Mint, Melon and Vanilla
Products for Car Washes vending machines, Extra dry Cloth
For restoring car Bumpers, Side Panels, Spoilers and Bonnets. A professional Mafra car polish product.