Hobby Car Wash

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Fast cleaner guarantees a long lasting, water repellent effect on the windows and body of the car. A professional product for car wax by Mafra.
To have the best performance in the shortest possible time about car interior cleaning. Professional car care Product.
Radiator fluid "Flux" by MA-FRA
A remarkably efficient filler that instantly seals the small and medium leaks that can occur in radiators
Car detailing super spray detergent to clean car glass and crystals
Glass Cleaner with excellent cleaning power even on nicotine and grease stains. Professional car care Product.
A car wash glove, soft wool and waterproof interior. Touchless and Automatic Car Wash Line.
A gel perfect for all those occasions when normal cleaning is not possible
Micro-fibre Cloth for Car Washes. Touchless and Automatic Car Wash Line.
Products for Car Washes vending machines, Hippy, the new car freshener
For any kind of surface, at home as well as in the professional sector, it's characterized by a great versatility of application
Waterproofing Spray for boats tissues. A professional boat wash and care product.