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Concentrated low foam liquid detergent for cleaning floors of car showrooms, restaurant, kitchens, cafeterias and supermarket. Professional floor degreaser.
It it eliminates all kinds of soiling from laundry without harming the environment
With its highly innovative formula, leaves laundry soft and delicately fragranced
For cleans any type of fabric, velvet and carpeting. Professional floor degreaser.
A medium-alkalinity universal detergent with surface-active agents and a pleasant fragrance. Professional kitchen degreaser.
Universal multi-purpose degreaser ready to use
An ultra-concentrated product with intense de-greasing and cleaning power for professional, industrial type dishwashers. Professional kitche degreaser.
A product designed to work effectively with soft water, cleaning all kinds of dirt. Professional kitche degreaser.
Professional products to sanitizing, de-greasing and cleaning power for dishwashers and cup washers. Professional kitche degreaser.