Human resources and training

At MA-FRA, success really begins with the people: the individual talents and the tremendous motivation of all our workers are the assets that drive our company ahead of the competition.

Working with us means working in a collaborative and enterprising, deeply goal driven environment.

In order to maintain this winning formula, MA-FRA has arranged – in true USA style - a meeting between all of the company’s members to advance the level of quality in terms of awareness and the role carried out by each person. This meeting was coordinated by a company specialising in personnel training and development and generated a new and more solid cohesion within the group, transforming the normal collaborator into ‘manager’ with initiative and active responsibilities, through communication with others and full integration in the work team.

If you like to grow a little every day through learning from your day-to-day work, if you have passion and would like to get ahead in a flexible and dynamic Company of young people, sensitive to the need for continuous training of its employees, then MA-FRA is the right company for you.

If you are interested in working for us, Become part of the MA-FRA team.