Industrial Vehicles cleaners

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Industrial Veichle cleaner able to emulsify any type of dirt: grease, earth, gasoil, smog. Professional degreaser.
Tar and cement cleaner for clean industrial veichle. Professional degreaser.
Industrial Veichle cleaner created to remove even the most resistant bitumen and heavy oils from tank exteriors. Professional degreaser.
A specific acid detergent which disintegrates and removes cement from smooth surfaces. Professional degreaser.
Detergent designed to eliminate signs and traces of rust from metal surfaces, steel and magnesium parts. Touchless and Automatic Car Wash Line.
It is ideal for prewashing cars and heavy goods vehicles, where the dirt is ingrained, even without the aid of a sponge. Only the best from pre wash mafra products.
A low foam pre washes for clean cars and tanks (exterior and interior) without having to use a sponge. Only the best from pre wash mafra products.
To removes the damage caused by vandalism using sprays, paints and markers from railway carriage surfaces. Professional degreaser.
Is a bi-component product, ideal as a detergent for heavy duty and earth moving vehicles prewash. Only the best from pre wash mafra products.