Diamant Plast Shine - Interior Car Detailing

A dashboard spray to reviving, shining and covering properties. Professional car detailing Product.

Diamant Plast Shine - Interior Car Detailing

MA-FRA has always thought of you and the things you love.

DIAMANT PLAST SHINE is the new take on the MA-FRA flagship product, replacing Diamant Plast Classic that has been on the market for over 25 years.

DIAMANT PLAST, in its new formula and look, has always been and will always be a sure mark of success and quality.

DIAMANT PLAST SHINE contains 98% of the main agent and can be sprayed without creating the “smoky” effect inside the vehicle.

Applying DIAMANT PLAST SHINE grants an effective and lasting UVA filter on the treated parts, making it a perfect product for conditioning and safeguarding leather seats and inserts.

DIAMANT PLAST SHINE has exceptional reviving, shining and covering properties and gives dashboards an incredible “brightening” effect.

  What’s more, it wipes out even the most stubborn odours, to leave an infinitely more pleasant car interior.

DIAMANT PLAST SHINE is the perfect choice for new, show room and even classic cars.

DIAMANT PLAST SHINE is sold in a 500ml format.

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