Interior Car Detailing

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Cab sanitizer for removing organic residues, miasma and foul odours
Car sanitizer and freshner deodorant
Dissolves and eliminates all types of dirt, even the toughest, from leather car interiors
To elimninates stains left by smog, nicotine, grease and car wash waxes
It is quick and easy to apply and produces a remarkable silk effect on plastics and leather interiors. A professional product for car wax by Mafra.
Foam cleaner for car seats and interiors (velvet and alcantara)
Car detailing super spray detergent to clean car glass and crystals
Purifies car air conditioning system, Talc Fragrance
Car sanitizer for removing unpleasant odours like fish
Universal detergent for cleaning fabrics, skay and plastic parts
Is a special-purpose cleaner for interiors, suitable to treat dashboards, seats, floor mats, door stops
For cleaning of all types of fabric, velvet and moquett