Wheel & Tyre Cleaner

Removes brake powders and road dirt
  • Effortlessly dissolves winter road dirt and brake dust that deposit on the rims, restoring its original appearance.
  • Due to its high detergency capacity it is also suitable for cleaning the suspension section, the tyres and the plastic coverings of the wheel arch compartment.
  • Is able to remove previously applied polishes, preparing tyres for polishing or dressing.
  • It has a specific and balanced acid-free, effective and safe formula.
  • Versatile: depending on the type of dirt, it can be used with dilution up to 1:10.
  • Sweet and pleasant scent.

Wheel & Tire Cleaner from Mafra’s Maniac Line ™ is a product for effortlessly removing brake dust and road dirt that settles on car rims. The product is also effective for cleaning car tires and the entire wheel compartment. Wheel & Tire Cleaner is able to remove the polishes previously applied on car tires, preparing the surface for the subsequent polishing or dressing phase.

  • Effective for cleaning the wheel compartment
  • Balanced, acid-free, safe and effective formula
  • Sweet and pleasant scent

Thanks to the high detergency and extraordinary cleaning capacity of Wheel & Tire Cleaner, it is possible to use the product to clean the suspension department, the plastic coating of the wheel arch and the car tires.

Wheel & Tire Cleaner allows, thanks to the creation of a powerful and easily workable lubricated foam, to eliminate coarse dirt before washing the car in order to reduce the risk of damage to the bodywork in the subsequent washing phases.


Data Sheet

Never use on hot surfaces and never let the product dry on the surface. Do not use on aluminum, anodized and light alloy rims. Do not use on motorcycles.




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