Odorbact Out Green Forest PMC

Disinfects and deodorizes the air conditioning system of your car
  • PMC authorized disinfectant spray
  • Quickly eliminates germs and bacteria
  • Eliminate bad smells

Odorbact Out Green Forest Fragrance by Mafra is a disinfectant spray authorized in Italy as PMC – Medical Surgical Presidium, Reg. Min. Sal. N 7.604 / Reg. Min. Health No. 7.604 – designed to disinfect the car air conditioning system.

Odorbact Out Green Forest Fragrance PMC eliminates bad smells inside the passenger compartment, such as the smell of cigarette smoke, food and above all there will be no more of the annoying stench due to impurities and molds that form in the ventilation duct of the air conditioning system of the car. Finally you’ll have a healthy, clean and purified air to protect your health.

Odorbact Out Green Forest Fragrance PMC identifies bad smells wherever they are and definitively neutralizes them.

While traditional odor removers act only on the lower part of the passenger compartment, Odorbact Out Green Forest Fragrance PMC, operating through the car air conditioning system, thoroughly removes all the bad smells that accumulate in the passenger compartment, cleaning and purifing the air conditioning system in less than 15 minutes. In fact, a simple pressure of the valve on the can is sufficient to obtain the delivery of the product.

Treating the car air conditioning system with Odorbact Out Green Forest Fragrance PMC guarantees long-lasting cleaning of the passenger compartment, so you can always be sure of living in a purified environment!

Do not smoke during the application. Make sure that the cigarette lighter and other electrical devices are not connected.

Open any compartment present inside the cabin (drawers, glove boxes etc.).

Switch on the ignition and the air conditioner. Switch the air system to internal circulation and then turn on the fan at maximum speed.

Open the air conditioning system vents.

Close the car windows and any sunroof.

Place the spray can vertically at the base of the passenger seat.

Fully press the cylinder valve until it is completely locked to allow the total emptying.

Exit the cabin and close the car door.

Wait for the complete emptying and leave to act for 15 minutes.

Open the car doors and ventilate.


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