Jedy 2 Super Foam

The high Foam pre washes product guarantees a powerful detergent and polishing effect. Only the best from pre wash mafra products.

Jedy 2 Super Foam

Represents the highest expression of MA-FRA research and development applied to detergency: in fact, its new formula guarantees a powerful detergent and polishing effect, to clean any type of vehicle.

Highly foaming and scented, JEDY 2 SUPER-FOAM is safe on rubber parts and effortlessly melts any type of dirt (grease, oil, smog, midges, and gasoline), ensuring a shiny effect on all the plastic parts.

Effective with hard and averagely hard waters and suitable for all temperatures, JEDY 2 SUPER-FOAM dries slowly under sunlight and is easy and quick to rinse.

JEDY 2 SUPER-FOAM contains easily biodegradable surfactants, compatible with any water purification or recycling method.


Discover the quality of Mafra products: international leader in the pre wash car products.

Prelavaggio + Shampoo 2IN1 JEDY 2 SUPER FOAM - Autolavaggio by #MAFRA
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